HCG Diet Talk: Have You Thought About The Buffalo?

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HCG diet talk seems to be going around with alacrity. But it's kind of hilarioius that buffalo is so rarely mentioned even amidst all this HCG diet talk. You could think it's odd that I think it's odd that there isn't much "talk". But think about it! Buffalo...do you know anyone who eats buffalo? Either regularly or even just...ever? I don't think I do. Have you ever eaten buffalo? I don't think that most people have ever tried it.

But buffalo is one of the lean proteins that is approved for the HCG diet. So that alone should probably ensure that it be a topic of "talk". What are its advantages? Why is it so unique as to be included? Is it more advantageous than other lean proteins? When it comes to approved beef...the HCG diet limits us to certain cuts of meat, but buffalo doesn't hold any such limitations. Is it just that much more healthy for us? And if so...then why don't we all know all about it and eat it all the time?  

Beef vs. Buffalo:  

1. Many people actually think of buffalo as tasting better than beef.

2. Is it a healthy option? Yes, it is. It is actually 70 to 90% lower in fat than beef. And it has an average of 50% less cholesterol.

3. Buffalo is higher in protein than beef. It also provides more omega acids, amino acids, and iron than beef.

4. AND buffalo is much less likely to have antibiotics and growth hormones in comparison to beef. This is due simply to basic characteristics of the magnificent buffalo. They are naturally resistant to disease so they don't need antibiotics as often. And they grow much faster than domestic animals like the cow so they aren't usually treated with growth hormones.

5. Buffalo have cleaner habits than cows. This doesn't at first seem relevant to the HCG diet talk at hand, but when you consider a few details...you realize its importance. For instance cows typically defecate in their own water source. Buffalo do not. I think that's really important to know.  

It's kind of shocking that this particular topic hasn't seen more HCG diet talk. I, myself, am feeling the need to incorporate more buffalo into my diet. It's supposedly more tasty, more healthy and less tampered with than the beef that we all depend on so heavily.

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HCG Diet Talk: Have You Thought About The Buffalo?

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This article was published on 2010/09/30